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Prior to nine years ago, if someone had said that I would become a Website builder, graphic designer, audio-video maker, and image re-toucher, I would have laughed and shaken my head. It’s amazing how one can learn and hone her skill- especially at my age- as she continues to learn, and this is what has happened to me. Yet, I have this annoying habit of wanting things done the way I want, and this means I am not easily pleased with the work of others. “It could have been done better,” I say.

When I first began designing my and my husband’s singing Websites I used one of the block builders- those drag-n-drop-you-don’t-have-to-know-anything-about-coding site builders that were in existence in 2007. Frustration came to me almost right away, though, since I did not have the freedom to design the look and feel of the site- and I soon found myself seeking other options. Before I realized it, I got into learning how to code, and this led on to a lot more soon afterward. That was when our family of six decided we would put my newly found knowledge to the test by building a blog site in which everyone would take part. La-Coffee-Melodie-Suite was born. Initially just ten pages, it quickly grew to a few hundred.

How it began

I was happy. My family was happy. For the children, contributing to the Website was their way of sharing their knowledge. I remember when Kaitlyn started her bedtime story video series: She read her stories to help out other parents who didn’t have time to read to their children. Nicholas offered his expertise in both Gimp and Photoshop, and his tutorial was so popular that at one point I had to pitch in to help him answer questions people asked him via email and through the comments section. Brendan wrote articles about philosophy from the viewpoint of a late teen: You would be amazed at what your children have to say if you take a moment to listen. He also put up videos and audio recordings of his singing. As for Justin, he used La-Coffee-Melodie-Suite as his portal to share with the world his passion for history. He also did a live video series on the fighter planes on display at The Intrepid Museum after we took him there one day in the summer of 2009 (when he was only 12). In the meantime, my husband Ralph wrote many articles and tutorials in music, math, and English. While I was busy producing videos and designing graphics for our Website, I also wrote about singing, teaching voice, and my Thai cooking stories and their recipes. Within a few years, our Website added another several hundred pages. This project kept us busy.

Eventually, the time came when everyone grew up and found new interests in their lives. When it got to where I could no longer continue to maintain all their sections, I put the Website on hold and branched off to start my own thing- which is this Website, “byPradichaya.com”.

As I continue to grow byPradichaya.com, I’ve come to decide also that it’s time to close the La-Coffee-Melodie-Suite chapter. This is not just about closing down a Website, though: it is also my acceptance that my children are no longer children, and that they have moved on.

La-Coffee-Melodie-Suite is an important landmark for me and my husband, for it holds and represents many important events and many dear moments in our lives. Therefore, I will bring over to bypradichaya.com some of the children’s works and add them here for good time's sake.

I hope you will enjoy this add-on section. I know that my husband and I will.


Is my representation of a Thai living the American way; an American modern mix with a touch of delicateness of the old Thai.