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According to my parents and close relatives, I sang before I talked and even before I walked. My father said only one of two things was happening when he didn't hear me singing: I was sleeping or I was eating. Singing goes back as far as I can remember, and I would sing everywhere I went.

My dad has a beautiful baritone voice. During his university years as a law major, he would sing with his big brother -who was attending another university as an architect major- in his band. This was one of the first successful professional bands of that time. After they both graduated, my uncle continued pursuing his music career and became very successful and a well-known figure, while my dad pursued his career in law. Soon afterward, he became my mom's full-time partner in the business they started -which turned out to be very successful in just over a year.

I could sing for pleasure, but I was strongly discouraged by my parents -mostly my mom. She already had my future laid out on a blueprint, as she recognized I had a knack for business -in particular in sales and leadership. This was why, much later, when my parents showed up in America at my mom's best friend's front door -I was living there and studying in America at the time- and nearly wrung her neck for not only allowing but encouraging me to audition for a music college, where I was later accepted (the Hartt School of Music, University of Hartford, Connecticut).


There was no going back for me. I decided to study voice, something which my mom had no faith as a good, steady career. I spent two days convincing my parents why they had to let me study voice, and they finally gave in. I'm still pretty sure I benefited from their jet-lag and lack of sleep. My mom said to me later that I should have considered how lucky I was that my parents were well-to-do and could afford for me to fool around. I could study pencil sharpening techniques for all she cared, but in the end, I would still have to come back to Bangkok to work for the company, since they would leave it for me and my sister after they were gone.

I figured I had at least four years, so I wasn't worried. Soon after I got to Hartt, I found my new passion, opera. From then on, my study geared toward opera, and I became an opera major. When I told the news to my mom over the phone, she yelled at me so loudly the phone dropped from my hand.. Still, I had four years to work on her.

Years later, it became clear that no matter how far one was from doing what she loved, if she wanted it badly enough she could do it. I was managing my parents' company, and I was also performing with an opera company and other music organizations around Thailand, including my own. I also sneaked away two days a week to teach as an adjunct voice faculty at two music colleges. My mom finally accepted my singing as a decent career choice when she was invited to attend several of my royal command performances. I eventually moved back to the US to look for different opportunities, and I have done more performances here.

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Is my representation of a Thai living the American way; an American modern mix with a touch of delicateness of the old Thai.