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Take On Snack Market

By Pradichaya | Thai food | photography | voice teaching | opera artist


When it comes to food, my daughter Kaitlyn loves anything Thai. We were at a grocery store when she spotted the name "Dang," on dried coconut chip snacks; she started giggling, and asked us to get a bag for her. (The photo shows the NSA one that I picked. Kaitlyn finished her regular flavor (Toasted Coconut Chips) within the same day we bought it. It tasted good enough to go back for more.)

Kaitlyn wasn't the only one giggling, her dad also joined in. Well, you know why. Anywhere outside Thailand, the word "dang" is a euphemism for damn. However, "dang" in Thai means "red."

Dang is also a popular nickname.

My three aunts from my dad's family were the three daughters out of eight children. They were given the same name "Dang."

To identify them as individuals, their parents added "Yai, Klang, and Lek - " translated to large, medium, and small, or, in this case, eldest, middle, and, youngest. The eldest Dang becomes "Dang Yai," the one in the middle is "Dang Klang," and, the youngest one is "Dang Lek."

'Dang' Good Coconut Chips Take On Snack Market

Just for fun, here's the orders of my paternal grandparents' children: Muok, Maw (my dad), Munn, Dang (Yai), Dang (Klang), Dang (Lek), Mai, and, Mou. Actually, there was another child "Mik," between my uncle Muok and my dad Maw, but he passed away when he was two years old.

Back to the coconut chip story: I assumed that "dang" the brand of the delicious coconut chips was the name of the owner. Later I looked it up, and found (among many) a nice write up about the product on Forbes magazine. Now I know that "dang" the brand is the owner's (Vincent Kitirattragarn) mother's name. It so happens that Vincent Kitirattragarn has a passion for coconut chips, and this is how this product came to exist. They are on the shelves of 4000 stores across The United States. They are also non-GMO.

If you want good snacks, give "dang" a try.

Nope, I wasn't paid to write this. When I came across something good I just wante to share.