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Cinema | Lippen schweigen


Performed by: Pradichaya Poonyarit and Ralph Schatzki


Lippen schweigen, 's flüstern Geigen
Hab mich lieb!
All die Schritte sagen bitte, hab mich lieb!
Jeder Druck der Hände
deutlich mir's beschrieb
Er sagt klar, 's ist wahr, 's ist wahr,
Du hast mich lieb!

Bei jedem Walzerschnitt
Tanzt auch die Seele mit,
Da hüpft das Herzcchen klein,
Es klopft und pocht: Sei mein! Sei mein!
Und der Mund, der spricht kein Wort,
Doch tönt es fort und immerfort:
Ich hab' dich ja so lieb, ich hab' dich lieb!

Jeder Druck der Hände
Deutlich mir's beschrieb...
Er sagt klar, 's ist wahr, 's ist wahr
Du hast mich lieb!


Lips fall silent, whispering are violins
Love me!
All the steps say please, love me!
Every press of the hands
Clearly described it to me
He said clearly, it's true, it;s true,
You love me!

At each step of the waltz
The soul will dance along,
Then hops my little heart,
It knocks and pounds: Be mine! Be mine!
And my mouth, it speaks not a word,
Still it sounds on and continuously on:
"I do love you so, I love you!"

Every press of the hands
Clearly described it to me...
He says clearly, it's true, it's true
You love me!

Source: Aria Database

Die lustige Witwe (The Merry Widow)

An operetta by the Austro-Hungarian composer Franz Lehár. The librettists, Viktor Léon and Leo Stein, based the story (concerning a rich widow, and her countrymen's attempt to keep her money in the principality by finding her the right husband) on an 1861 comedy play, L'attaché d'ambassade (The Embassy Attaché) by Henri Meilhac.

The operetta has enjoyed extraordinary international success since its 1905 premiere in Vienna and continues to be frequently revived and recorded. Film and other adaptations have also been made. Well-known music from the score includes: Merry Widow Waltz (Vilja Song), and Da geh' ich zu Maxim (You'll Find Me at Maxim's).

Source: Wikipedia