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Laster innhold, vennligst vent!


...to byPradichaya.com. Thank you for your visit. This Web site is my online journal and a little more. I was born Thai and raised to the standard of my modern parents. Yet, I was also influenced by... More »

My First Rally | Event

Last Sunday I attended my first rally ever. It was a rally to welcome and support the Thai Prime Minister –General Prayut Chan-O-Cha- to the Annual Conference at the United Nations in New York City.More »

Home Connections

I look back on my life and observe different stages -from being a young child to a fully grown adult- and the houses in which I lived that connect my years together.
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The Day I Become Useless

My husband and I didn’t have a lot of experience as husband and wife. Our roles as a married couple changed, however, when within six months after getting married, we found that our first child had been conceived.More »

More Open To Criticism

I lived in Thailand for more than thirteen years, and in all that time I can count on one hand those times when my ethnicity was cause to discriminate against me. These instances were also confined (almost) exclusively to those times when I... More »

Treat Each Other With Respect

Well, well, what do you know... I was treated with disrespect by the staff at a local jewelry store. I went in to get one watch fixed, and 15 other watches' batteries replaced...
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Bathroom Buses for Dignity (TH-ENG)

A video from Upworthy on Facebook about a nonprofit that brings showers and dignity to the homeless. -With commentary written in Thai with English translation. More »

2015-Year In Review

I am not one for sharing so much of my life, not so much in words, anyway. However, I am in the habit of recording events with my camera. These captures tell the story of ....
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'Dang' Good Coconut Chips Take On Snack Market

When it comes to food, my daughter Kaitlyn loves anything Thai. We were at a grocery store when she spotted the name "Dang," on dried coconut chip snacks; she started giggling...More »


Is my representation of a Thai living the American way; an American modern mix with a touch of delicateness of the old Thai.