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Tongue-Tied with Thai-Tongue

About Thai people and their use of language.

La Coffee-Melodie-Suite

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On moving over articles from the Website "La-Coffee-Melodie-Suite to here," I kept going back and forth between tossing or keeping this page. Tossing because it was made to introduce the section "Tongue-tied with Thai tongue," and that's what it is -an introduction. Then, there is the video of me reciting the introduction. However, the ranad music which was performed beautifully by ขุนอิน โตสง่า Khun-In Tow Sa-gna (formerly ณรงค์ฤทธิ์ โตสง่า Narongrid Tow Sa-gna) made my final decision of keeping this page.

Hope you enjoy the video.