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Treat Each Other With Respect

By Pradichaya | Thai food | photography | voice teaching | opera artist

Pradichaya Poonyarit


Treat Each Other

Well, well, what do you know... I was treated with disrespect by the staff at a local jewelry store. I went in to get one watch fixed, and 15 other watches' batteries replaced. The one person looked through me, and I had to repeat my request twice before I got a response from her. She told me that I'd have to get help from someone else (only one other person was working the counter) as she was expecting a customer. I thanked her and approached the other staff member, who immediately said to me that I'd first have to wait for her to send an email. I politely told her to take her time; however, I couldn't help but thinking, "Why, was it the way I looked? Dressed? Behaved?" Clearly, I wasn't greeted the same way the other customer was. Also, when my husband walked in, the person sending the email changed her manner. She still talked down at me, but at least she took my watches. By now, the other customer had left, and the staff member who had given her service just stood staring through me. The one watch has to be sent out, and it will take about two months. The other watches, though, I can pick up on Monday. I'm not sure what it'd take for me to be qualified to be treated like other valued customers at this place, but now I wish I hadn't left them there.

With Respect

Not that it should have really mattered: each of my watches -with the exception a Gucci and some other fashion brand name I don't recall, and which were about $150 each- cost between $2,000 - $6,000 when I bought them.

I don't care to make any jewelry purchases at this store, as theirs is not the type I would buy. I know I'm probably worth $50 for the batteries, and perhaps another $120 for the other watch, and I am far from being their big customer; but, I am a big believer in good manners- that all humans should be treated equally, and with respect. Therefore, I will not give this store my business again.

Shame on you.